Come like a firy phoenix


Like a firy phoenix,

Pour flames into my 

Barely existent passion.

Break through

The chilly wall of chastity.

Make my fading dreams

Blaze vividly yet again.



A phoenix is born from fire. It is basically fire. And fire is passion. For me, when I think of passion, it always has to do with heat. I would find it difficult to connect passion with ice cold things. Nope.

A phoenix is reborn again and again. It could be nice if when your passion was gone, you could just start again from the ashes and reignite the fire.

Or find a new phoenix for yourself? Someone, who is not familiar, but still gives off the air of warmth and trust, maybe they have some mystic aura about them that makes your stomach perform excited somersaults? Why does it need to be so difficult, though?

Maybe it’s easy for some, but not for everyone. It’s hard to let someone into your mind, to surrender the reins to someone else. I honestly don’t know if you need to be extremely strong or, on the contrary, exceptionally soft and trusting.

Even simple dreaming can get very challenging as time passes. The dreams you used to have… they just fade and vanish into the universe. It’s a bit sad, isn’t it? And after some time you find it almost impossible to show that you might actually need someone to support and love you. You are just a warrior, stomping through the battlefield of your life, eventually not thinking much about things connected to emotions or feelings.

And imagine then a dashing stranger emerging and sweeping off your feet? Would you fall? Would you want to? Would you be ready for an event like this? Or would you just turn your back and walk away? Could you trust and show your inner feelings?

Who knows…

Well, these are my thoughts for today.


Have fun! Be nice!



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