Nobody Knew

We could say nothing.
There was nothing to be done.
Life had dictated our paths.
All we had was
The painful, delicious heat
Of a single secret touch.
Nobody knew.
Our destiny.

Have you fallen for someone and it just wasn’t meant to be? The constant ache in your heart, your stomach in a thousand knots and those moments charged with tension like electricity.

…but life has had other plans.

These emotions are the most difficult to overcome. Because nothing has actually happened. There may have been intense eye contact, maybe a touch sizzling with potential. But that is all. And you are left with nothing but a bunch of confusing thoughts and feelings. What if it had happened? Maybe I just imagined it? But no.

It can still haunt you after many years and maybe till the end of your days. That unfinished story. The fairy tale without an ending. Actually, without anything. There was just an introduction…

I’ve been thinking about this lately. If only there was a pill to take and forget. If only there was a way to talk about everything and lay your feelings out in the open without any hesitation and consequences. So they would know for sure. And you could also be certain that it really was so. That they did feel it too. That it wasn’t just a creation of your overactive imagination.

But you know that if you talked about it, nothing would be the same again and it could hurt people and smash the lives they have built for themselves into a thousand pieces.

So you say nothing and go on with those doubts and feelings. And every time you see that person your heart performs a small somersault in your chest. And you feel blissfully happy and inexplicably sad at the same time.

Ah, life…


Have fun! Be nice!




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