The Fairies Were Here Tonight

Dewdrops on branches

Glisten in the light of dawn.

The sense of pure love,

The joy of being alive.

Can you feel the air?

The fairies were here tonight.

Bare feet on soft moss,

Divine sensation of self.

Pure light in your heart,

Serenity in your mind.


It’s cold right now. It’s winter. And what a winter it is here in Estonia this year! But spring is coming soon. The time when the fairies of the forests awaken once more and we can see them dancing in the shadows at dusk or feel their fragile presence at dawn. I love fairies. And I love forests. It is very difficult for me to accept the cold emptiness of winter. But, to my great delight, the awakening of the world around me is just around the corner

Do you know the feeling I’m describing in this poem? The feeling that you get when you wake up on a summer morning, step outside onto the still wet grass and, maybe a bit timidly, try to peek into the mysterious beauty of the forest. You hear the birds singing excitedly (oh, how I love the sound of birdsong!) and maybe get a glimpse of something or someone you are not supposed to see…

Hope you enjoyed my thoughts about longing the wonders of spring and summer on this winter day. 


Be nice! Have fun!


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