Embrace being imperfect

Taste the quiet of happiness

Breathe the light of love.

Get lost in blissful nothingness,

Resist the comfort of the known.


Don’t be afraid of lust, my sweet,

Embrace your human soul.

Don’t deny yourself your vagaries,

just trust yourself and grow.


Today I felt like a little motivational talk with myself wouldn’t do harm. So, this little poem presented itself in my mind. Sometimes you just don’t feel so sure of yourself and doubt your feelings and desires. So, you just need to tell yourself that it will be alright and you are exactly the way you need to be.

I used to be very insecure when I was younger and I still struggle with it now as well. But getting older, seeing the world more and having conversations with strong and wise people has taught me to love myself even if I’m not perfect.

There is one line in the poem which tells you to resist the comfort of the known. What I mean by that is that you should not be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone. As many wise and successful people say, “when you step out of your comfort zone is when the really awesome things start to happen in your life”. I’m a firm believer in this statement and have experienced great things in my life when I’ve done that.

Another important thing is not to take yourself too seriously. I feel that many people tend to. But that stops the growth and expansion of their souls in my opinion. And it’s just straight not fun to be too serious all the time. It’s fun to have fun. And who said there is an age when it’s not proper to be joyful and fun-loving any more? At least I have decided never to grow up on the inside. And I’m very happy with my decision hitherto. šŸ™‚

So, dear readers, embrace being human and not perfect! Love yourselves just as you are! Perfection is boring anyway and your imperfections make you unique. šŸ˜€


Be nice! Have fun!




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