Beauty is in the heart of the beholder


A well-known saying states that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I can agree to this in some ways but I would also take this saying a bit further. I am a firm believer in the adaptation of the saying by English writer H. G. Wells who said that beauty is in the heart of the beholder.

People tend to hold intense arguments on the topic of beauty. I myself have crossed verbal swords with people who’ve had different opinions from mine. You always want to make other people see your side of the argument and make them believe that this is the only possible way of thinking. But why do we have such different views on beauty?

First of all, I think it can only be a good thing that people think differently of beauty. Otherwise, the world would be an uninteresting and dull place. So, let’s be happy we have so many beautiful people and places in this world of ours!

Let’s take the beauty of a human being. In my opinion, the beauty of a person depends on whether I like them overall. I tend to like most people in general. But when I get to know that someone has got a rotten heart, I instantly find them less attractive. They could be Miss Universe for all I care. I find them ugly and that’s it. Maybe it’s a harsh thing to say, but this blog is an opportunity for me to express my mind. Different opinions are always welcome as comments, though. I also have had experiences where other people haven’t found someone’s appearance very agreeable but I have considered them extremely charming. That’s when the particular people have had absolutely golden hearts. I find all of my good friends some of the most beautiful people in the world. And that is something I would let nobody call in question.

An other aspect I wanted to address is the beauty of our surroundings. There are an endless array of different landscapes, types of vegetation, architectural styles, and ways to design the interior of one’s home in the world. Why doesn’t everyone enjoy the same living environment? I believe that also has to do with the heart. It depends on the way they were brought up and where they were brought up. But it also has to do with people who are important to you. I love the landscapes, old farmsteads and the forests of Estonia because they bring memories of my childhood, that golden and sunny era in my life when everything seemed to be so full of joy and bliss. But my life is full of wonderful things and people now, too. I guess I’m just a lucky person and have made some good choices in my life. 🙂 Since I now have very good friends elsewhere as well, I have grown to absolutely adore the terrain and everything connected to living in Southern Europe. And I can only connect it to my heart again. It is not my eye that says this is beautiful and this is what I want to surround myself with. The feeling comes from somewhere deep inside me. From my heart. I love this feeling!

In conclusion, I would like to encourage others to also search for beauty with the help of their hearts. Feel it and embrace it. The world is so beautiful and we have but a limited time to enjoy it. So take full advantage of the opportunities to do it. And cherish the awesome and utterly beautiful people in your life. But don’t forget that other people have their own hearts and therefore might have full right to see beauty in things that you have trouble seeing it. That’s OK, too.

Be nice! Have fun!



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