Passion, I am your slave

Passion, I am your slave.

My heart is on fire,

in flames of desire

to live and to love,

to give and to be given.

Without love, there’s no passion.

Without passion, there’s no life.



In my opinion, passion is one of the most important aspects of a person’s life. It might vary due to differences in people’s temperament and even nationality, the cultural environment they have spent most of their life in.

I wouldn’t necessarily always associate passion with romantic love. You could feel passionate about anything you do in your everyday life. Like raising your kids, your performance at work, your home. Or even the first cup of coffee in the morning. I know I’m extremely passionate about my first cup of coffee. It’s one of the sweetest moments of my day. The quiet of the early morning, a slight chill in the air, the birds are starting to wake up… and then you smell the coffee and feel so alive that your heart wants to burst with delight. And my cat is extremely passionate about his naps. He is absolutely rocking one right now! Hence the featured photo of my napping cat. 😉 You might feel the same way about any part of your day or life. But I really hope you do feel it about something.

Passion is one of the most important feelings in my life. Without it I would feel numb. That’s the reason I want to change my life from time to time. To search for passion that I sometimes lose. It might also be due to the fact that in my heart I’m a bit of a gipsy. Routine is not for me. Except for the morning coffee of course. 😉 I love travelling, discovering other cultures, learning new languages, finding new people to talk to about all kinds of things. I feel passion for all of these things.

So, find your passion and be passionate about the things you do in your life! It makes it so much more fun and worth living. Don’t just settle and do things because you have to! You don’t have to do things you don’t like. It’s always very difficult to change your path, but it will pay off when you feel happy and passionate about the things you do again.

That’s all from me for now. But you think about the amount of passion in your life. And whether you are satisfied with it or you should change something. I wish you all the best for it!


Be nice! Have fun!


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  1. Lary Kleeman says:


    I couldn’t agree more. I think one sign of passion is longevity. To weather all of the distractions of life, to proceed quietly in the direction of that devoted love…

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  2. Lary Kleeman says:

    Oops, longetivity!


  3. Lary Kleeman says:

    Longevity it is!


  4. Lary Kleeman says:

    Your poem and thoughts of that first early morning activity (coffee) made me think of a poem of mine which is this:


    at first light an unspoken love stretches
    to the singular confidence of barren plains—
    but for hare’s ear, black gnat, & rosemary
    sprig, the brushed aluminum of early sky
    seems a concept model of just distribution
    in that storms have quieted or have yet
    to come, roiling clouds, their mineral alloy,
    disturb not as cranefly wings are carried
    by industrious ants down the lenape trail
    between sedge & wren’s call—awakening
    being a prelude to event, a dispersal
    which refuses speculative marks of ruckus
    or roadside bombs, but acclimates to fallen
    timber, the torn fabric of spring’s stem green

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  5. valianni says:

    Thanks for agreeing. And I absolutely love your poem! I just have to quiet the feeling of hopelessness in myself because I feel I will never achieve that level of expressing my mind as you do. Thank you for sharing this with me and therefore making me want to be better and better too. 🙂 Thanks, my dear friend!


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