Strawberry and lime syrup cake

This cake is actually more suitable for summer events, but in my opinion, it’s OK for any season if you can get the ingredients. I first created this cake for my final exam for pastry chefs at our local vocational school. The amounts of the ingredients given here are for a very small cake (10 cm diameter cake tin) but if you want to make a normal size cake, triple the amounts and you should be OK. It’s just that I wanted to make a cake for two people today. 🙂


For the cake:

50g unsalted butter

50g sugar

1 medium egg

23g golden syrup

72g flour

1.5tsps baking powder

For the filling and topping:

134g cream cheese

84g whip cream

20g golden syrup

sugar to taste (optional – taste your filling and decide whether you think it needs more sweetness than just the syrup)

grated zest of 1 lime

juice of 0.5 lime

200g strawberries


Line the base and sides of the spring cake tin with baking parchment (it should be a couple of cm higher than the edges on the sides, because the cake rises a bit).

Preheat the oven to 160°C.

Put all the ingredients for the cake in a bowl and mix with an electric whisk until light and fluffy. Spoon the cake batter into the cake tin and bake for about 1 hour 15 minutes (you can check if it’s ready with a wooden grill stick). Allow to cool before turning out.

Prepare the filling and topping by whipping the whip cream, cream cheese and golden syrup until it just holds its shape. Then add the lime zest and juice. Taste it and if you think it needs more sugar, don’t be afraid to add it (I sometimes do, depending on my mood). 🙂

Make a glaze by mixing some golden syrup with about the same amount of warm water.

Using a long knife cut the cake horizontally into three. Lay one layer on to a cakestand and glaze it generously. Use a palette knife to spread one fourth of the filling over the cake, then scatter with strawberry wedges. Repeat again with the next layer. When you’ve glazed the top layer, cover the cake with the remaining filling and decorate with strawberries and whatever else you like. I have mint leaves on mine accompanying the strawberries.

And there you have it! An easy to make but then again interesting and tasty cake!


Be nice! Have fun!


(And thanks to Jane for the photo of the cake that has already been eaten a bit) 🙂



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