Ode to beauty

This morning was the coldest of this autumn here so far. It was absolutely petrifyingly cold. All the trees, grass, streets, roofs and cars were covered with frost. And a thick milky fog spread on our little town like a white soft blanket.

It was just breathtakingly beautiful. Absolutely divine.

I love these autumn mornings. The air is still. You can not see one leaf move on the trees. It’s like a picture. A canvas painted by a master.

And you can’t help but stare at all that beauty and instantly want to create something. Something that would have even a fraction of the beauty of everything surrounding you at that moment.

The only fault in all this wonder of these autumn mornings is the extreme cold that just seeps into your bones and freezes your body. But without that cold there wouldn’t be such flawless beauty.

In my opinion, the perfect way of spending these glorious early hours of the day is sitting in front of a fireplace, a warm cup of tea in your hands and a woolen blanket covering your feet to keep the chill at bay. And then you just turn your gaze at the window and enjoy…

My thoughts for today.


Be nice! Have fun!


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