A Glorious Morning

The brilliant rays of the morning sun

Are shining through my curtains,

That are moving slightly in the heavenly morning breeze.

I awake, smelling the melting sweet honey of the flowers.


And I listen to the birds chatter,

The leaves on trees are shivering,

And you, beside me, still sleeping – 

Breathing deeply and calmly,

A smile on your dreaming lips.


Are you really here or is it just a sweet dream?

But you are here, I can feel you beside me.

I’m not gonna wake you up, not yet, not yet.

I’ll just enjoy the glory of the morning…


I wrote thins poem in 1998 or 1999. I was in high school then and love was still something I didn’t know much about (you may call me a late bloomer if you wish, I don’t mind. I’m actually quite happy about it). But this was actually my first poem in English which I didn’t instantly want to scrap up and throw away. So that’s something, I guess. I had written one good (and a whole bunch of disastrous) poems in Estonian before. Now I believe I’ve improved a bit.

Love has many different faces: it can be warm, calm and fuzzy; but sometimes it is fierce, hot and full of fire; then at times it is painful, sad and hopeless. This poem depicts the serene and pure side of love. The one a young and inexperienced high school girl like me at that time would see as the perfect type. But wouldn’t that be a bit boring (asks the older and more experienced me)? I may be wrong, of course. I’m strong at theories. And love is a good topic to theorize and philosophise about.  So I will definitely do more of that in the future.

I hope you have had the privilege of experiencing the different faces of love in your life. Experiences are always good for something, even the painful ones.

Hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts about love and a glorious summer morning on this cold, rainy and windy autumn day (at least where I am). See you soon!


Be nice! Have fun!


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    1. valianni says:

      Thank you. ☺


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